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injury lawyer kc moTORT LAW

Tort laws are laws that offer remedies to individuals harmed by the unreasonable actions of others. Tort claims usually involve state law and are based on the legal premise that individuals are liable for the consequences of their conduct if it results in injury to others. Tort laws involve civil suits, which are actions brought to protect an individual’s private rights.

There are two major categories of torts typically seen in education-related cases: intentional and negligence. 

injury attorney kansas city moIntentional Torts
Intentional torts are usually offenses committed by a person who attempts or intends to do harm. For intent to exist, the individual must be aware that injury will be the result of the act. A common type of intentional tort is assault. Assault refers to an overt attempt to physically injure a person or create a feeling of fear and apprehension of injury. No actual physical contact need take place for an assault to occur. Battery, on the other hand, is an intentional tort that results from physical contact. For example, if a person picks up a chair and threatens to hit another person, assault has occurred; if the person then actually hits the second person, battery has occurred. Both assault and battery can occur if a person threatens another, causing apprehension and fear, and then actually strikes the other, resulting in actual injury. 

Negligence Torts
The second type of tort is negligence. The difference between negligence and an intentional tort is that in negligence the acts leading to injury are neither expected nor intended. Anyone who bring negligence claims must prove that the injury should have foreseen and prevented the injury by exercising proper care. Accidents that could not have been prevented by reasonable care do not constitute negligence. 

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